Our private gym is open for all ages and all levels of fitness and abilities. We provide a fun, family atmosphere and provide a service like no other in Cheltenham. We offer clients a complete package to look after their health, including private personal training sessions, health MOTs and monitoring, nutrition advice and education. Family Fitness pro systems

Welcome to Level 1 Fitness and Education

Level 1 Fitness and Education offer a unique fitness experience in our private personal training gym. Book your sessions with one of our highly qualified PT’s and enjoy the comfort and security of a private gym environment using our state of the art equipment. Level 1 is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by appointment.

No wait times for equipment, easy access to the gym with ample parking and structured sessions designed by your own personal trainer. You can even choose your own playlist to train to! With progress checks provided by our fully trained staff you can make sure you are on track to achieving your fitness goals and with packages to suit all budgets you can really take your fitness journey to a new level.


Legs, Bums & Tums
Tuesday and Thursday 9am – 10am
Wednesday 4pm – 5pm

Circuit Training
Wednesday and Friday 9am – 10am
Thursday 4pm – 5pm

High Intensity Training
Tuesday and Friday 4pm – 5pm



£6 per session

Gym Membership

£29.99 per month, no contract

On site creche available £6 per hour. Click here for more information.

thumb personal training

Private Personal Training

thumb health mots

Health MOTs



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